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Personalized video marketing

Would you like to send a customized video message to all your 100k subscribers?
Or maybe create an interactive & highly viral campaing for your product launch? It's all possible with our Video Personalizing Service.


  • Thousands of personal videos based on your customer data.
  • Let your customers be part of your video campaigns, and create organic growth.
  • A/B testing for video content.

event video automation

We have built an automated system for events to boost their visual presence before, during and after the event. It is simply the easiest way to wow your audience!


  • Automated Pre-event marketing content matching your brand.
  • On demand speaker introductions & general video intros.
  • Updatable branded displays for your sponsors.
  • Automated visual branding for your post-event released videos.

Online Retail video automation

Video is the new Image, and e-commerce marketing is no exception.
Our Online Retail video automation tools can get your video marketing from zero to hero in no time.


  • Automatic Facebook & Youtube video ads.
  • Toplists and Campaign highlight videos.
  • Per product videos for onsite use.
  • Offline (digital signage) display use with localized video feed.

Custom video automation

Do you need a professional looking and customizable intro for your company's video blog, or just want to accelerate your video production in general?
Even if you have a professional team of editors in place, you definitely want to try out our Custom Video Automation Tools.


  • Use your own graphics or let us handle the whole package.
  • You can link your own service with our VAU API.
  • Usecases are limited only by your imagination.

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